Disposal Auctions FAQ & Help
Please read our full help guide.
It will answer many of your questions regarding on how to use Disposal Auctions.
Registering with Disposal Auctions Buy It Now Auctions Auction Time
Login to Disposal Auctions Winning the Auction when registering I cannot see the pin number image?
Understading your control panel Paying for your auction using Paypal How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?
Viewing an auction Paying for your auction over the phone using your debit / credit card Why can't I see who is bidding?
Placing a bid Checking the delivery status of your item after payment I was the highest bidder, but bid under the reserve price and did not win the auction. What happens next?
Placing a proxy bid Taking delivery of your items  
Cancelling a bid Collecting your items from the sellers warehouse  
Extended Auctions Contacting the seller once you have received your items  
Hot Auctions Can I combine pallets to save on delivery costs?  
Register with Disposal Auctions

To register simply click here. Please select if you are an individual or a business and fill in the form. It does not matter if you are an individual you can still register and place bids.

Please ensure you follow our tips and take your time when registering to ensure your personal details are 100% correct.

Tips when registering:
- Ensure you enter your correct email address.
- Make sure to select a secure password when registering. Use a selection of letters and numbers.
- Please do not put spaces in your username.
- Make sure you enter your correct post code.
- Please do not enter a mobile number as your main telephone number.
- Once you have completed the form, please follow the onscreen instructions.
- Make sure you check the box to receive our email promotions and keep up to date with our latest offers.

(Once you have registered we will manually check your address details for security. If these are not correct your account will be suspended, until you supply us with your correct contact details)

We only allow registrants from the UK. If you live outside the UK, we can provide lists and prices for export / full loads.

Login to Disposal Auctions

To login please click here. To login you must enter your username and password.

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be directed to your control panel. Please click here for information about navigating your control panel.

If you have forgottern your username or password, you can use the Lost Password and/or Login Name? link to retrieve your username and your password.

This will be sent to the email address you originally registered with.

Please note:
If you did not receive an email with your retrieved username or password, or your email address no longer exisits, please use the contact us form.

Please email us specifying your full name, address, post code and username and we will notify you of your email address via email, or update your personal information on disposal auctions with your new email address. This will allow you to login and start using the site again.

Understanding Your Control Panel

To navigate your control panel, use the menu on your left hand side. You can also navigate your control panel by clicking the links at the top of your control panel.

Here is a brief outline of what each link does when clicked:

Clicking the summary link displays any messages you have sent or received to and from the seller. It also displays your last 5 bids and any other misc information.

Messaging > Received
This section displays the messages you have received from the seller, regarding your transaction or any other replies to auctions you have won.

Messaging > Sent
This section displays the messages you have sent to the seller, regarding your transaction or any other replies to auctions you have won..

Bidding > Current Bids
This section displays your current bids.

Bidding > Won Items
This section displays the auctions you have won. In this example the user has Won a auction.

If you have a few pages of transactions / won items you can use the search feature at the top of the page to quickly navigate your transaction history.

Bidding > Watched Items
This section displays the auctions you are watching. In this example we are watching 2 auctions. You have the option to delete the watched item at anytime.

My Account > Personal Information
This section allows you to update your personal information. You can update your address, telephone number, mobile number and other sections of your account.

We take SPAM very seriously. If you no longer wish to receive our email promotions please uncheck the Mailout box.

My Account > Mail Preferences
This section allows you to update your mail preferences. It allows you set what notification emails you would like to receive from the system.

Viewing an Auction

The auction description is broken down in to several sections. At the top of auction we have the following information

Current Bid: This is the current bid of the auction. In order to become the highest bidder, you must bid more than GBP 17.00
Start Bid: When the seller listed the item, this is the start price they entered.
Your Bid: If you placed a bid on this item and you are currently logged in, the bid you placed is displayed.
It is not displayed, if you are not logged in, or to any other users
Quantity: This is the quantity. In this case, it is for 1 pallet.
Seller Name: This is the sellers username.
Location: Displays the sellers post code and county.
County: Displays the sellers country.
Time Left: Tells you how long the auction has left to run in hours and minutes.
Start Time: Tells you when the auction was started.
End Time: Tels you when the auction is finishing.
Status: Tells you if the auction is currently open or closed. If an item is closed, this means the auction has ended.
Reserve Price Met:

When the item was listed the seller selected a reserve price.

If the Current bid is higher than the Reserve Price, a message is displayed which reads Reserve Price Met.

If the Current bid is lower then the Reserve Price, a message is displayed which reads Reserve Price Not Met

The Reserve Price is hidden from all bidders. Only the seller knows the reserve price.

High Bid: Shows you the current high bid. As this is a trade site, the bidders name is hidden.
VAT: Displays the VAT that will be applied to the final price when the auction has ended.

Auction Description
The auction description is usually in list format like the example below, and shows you what items you are bidding for on the pallet.
If the seller is listing a single item for sale, the auction description will be just be for that single item.

Seller Terms & Conditions
As each seller is different, they also list their own terms and conditions on top of the standard Disposal Auctions conditions.
Their conditions includes payment details and any other information for easier transactions between you and the seller.

Item Condition
This lets you know the condition of the items you are bidding on.

Auction / Item Images
The seller can upload up to four images of their item. Clicking on the View Full Size Images link displays the full size image in a new window. You can scroll through all images in the same window.

Seller Payment Types Online and Offline
If the seller accepts paypal, the paypal logo will be displayed. This means the seller accepts payment online.
If the sellers accepts offline payments, the cards accepted will be displayed below.

Delivery Details
If the seller has specified a delivery cost and / or insurance this will be displayed and any other information.

Placing a bid

GBP = Great British Pounds

To place a bid you must login. Once you have logged in, click on the auction you are interested in and enter your amount in the Place Bid box on the auction and click the Place Bid button.

In this example we have placed a bid of GBP 19, since the Current Bid is GBP 17.

Once you have entered your amount click the Place Bid button.

If your bid is not high enough the system will ask you enter more.

In this example this system is asking for a minumum bid of GBP 22 which is the current bid + the bid increment.

Enter 22 in the box and click the Place Bid button again.

If your bid was successful the following screen will be displayed. You are now the highest bidder.

If the bid was not successful the system will repeat the process and ask you to bid more.

You can track the progress of your bids by visiting your control panel and clicking the Current Bids link on the left hand side.

In this example the bid of GBP 22.00 has now been registered. As you are the highest bidder of this item the status shows as Active.

If you are outbid, you will receive an email. The status in your control panel will change to Inactive.
You will need to bid higher to take control of the auction again.

Placing a proxy bid.

Placing a proxy bid is easy. Place your bid, the maximum you would like to pay for item and sit back. The system will then bid on your behalf meaning you do not need to wait around.

Cancelling a bid

If you make a genuine mistake bidding, you must contact the seller of the item immediately.
We cannot accept cancelling of any bid because you misread the description or you changed your mind. Bids are legally binding, just like on any other auction site.

Extended auctions

If a bid is placed in the last 5 minutes, the auction is extended back to 5 minutes remaing. So for example if you bid with 1 minute remaining the auction would be extended to 5 minutes. If you bid in the last 3 minutes the auction would be extended back to 5 minutes and so on.

We introduced this feature to stop bidding in the last few seconds of any auction. Remote automated bidding software allows people to bid in the last few seconds, which is unfair on everyone.

If an auction is extended a small blue image with the letter e will appear next to the time remaining.

Hot auctions

If an auction(s) has more than 10 bids, a small orange image will appear with the letter h next to the number of bids. This lets you know it is popular auction.

Buy It Now Auctions

A Buy It Now auctions allows you to buy the item straight away. If the item is available as a Buy It Now auction a small orange button will appear. The Buy It Now icon is visible in the listings and on the auctions. Click the Buy It Now auction to proceed with your purchase.

Once you have clicked the Buy It Now button you will then be presented with the following screen. Click the proceed button to make your online Buy It Now purchase.

Please note: By clicking the Proceed button you confirm that you wish to purchase the item. Once you click the Proceed button you cannot reverse the action.

Once you have purchased the item a final confirmation screen will appear. The item will appear in your won items.

Winning the Auction | Winning the Auction with Buy It Now

If you successfully win the auction or purchase an auction using the Buy It Now feature, the item will appear in your control panel under Won Items.

Click the Won Items link in your control panel to view the auction you have won.

Both the seller and the buyer will also be notified via email. The email contains details of the auction you have won, and also the seller and buyer contact details.

At this point both seller and buyer can make contact to make payment over the phone or make payment online if this is available.
Both Seller and Buyer can make contact by using the Message Board facility. Click the Message Board link to send a message to the seller.

Paying for your auction using PayPal

If the seller accepts online payment via Paypal a link will appear in the Won Items which reads [ Pay with Direct Payment ]

Once you click this link you will be taken to a further screen to confirm. Click the blue button to proceed.
You will then be forwarded to Paypal where you pay as normal. Once your payment has been made with Paypal, return to disposal auctions.

If your payment was successful, the status of your item will be updated to Paid. An Proforma invoice will automatically be generated for you.
If your status is not updated to Paid after paying through PayPal this means the seller has not updated their account with PayPal for Instant Payment Notfication. It is up to the seller to activate this feature. The seller will update your status to Paid manually. Your payment through PayPal will still be accepted as normal.

Click the view product Proforma invoice link, and print the Proforma invoice for your own records.

Please note: If you wish to collect your item from the warehouse, please telephone the seller immediately after winning the auction.

The seller will then generate a new Proforma invoice for you without delivery. Once the seller has generated the Proforma invoice for you, log back in to your control panel, then use the [ Pay with Direct Payment ] and pay for your item using Paypal without the delivery charge.

If you do not notify the seller immediately after winning the auction and decide to automatically pay using PayPal, delivery will automatically be included in the price.

Paying for your auction over the phone using your debit / credit card

If the seller does not offer direct payment using PayPal the [ Pay with Direct Payment ] link will not be available.

Please telephone the seller to make payment over the phone. You can contact the seller by using the email you received when the auction ended, or alternatively if you click the Message Board link, you can view the sellers contact details from here.

Please have your Auction ID number ready when speaking to the seller, and please state if you require delivery or not. Once the seller has this information, they will then create an Proforma invoice for you. The Proforma invoice can be used as a guide to paying for your auction.

Checking the delivery status of your item after payment

Not all sellers will use this option, however there are 4 statuses to indentify the progress of your order in your won items.
We encourage all sellers to try and use this feature as it benefits the buyer and the seller.

The 4 statuses are:

- Processing ( The seller is processing your order)
- Posted / Sent ( Your item has been sent )
- Delayed ( Your item has been delayed and is awaiting delivery )
- Problem ( Their is a problem with your delivery )

Taking delivery of your items

If your item is a single item, it will be posted using a normal courier company.

If you have ordered a pallet then the item will be delivered on a small lorry. Nearly all small lorries for business to business deliveries will not have a tail lift or a pallet truck on board.

If you require these facilities then you must make a special request when arranging your collection, also as there may be an additional charge. If you have any other special delivery requirements, please notify the seller immediately after winning your auction.

Collecting your items from the sellers warehouse

If you are collecting items from the sellers warehouse, please call them beforehand to arrange an appointment as all sellers have different opening times.
Some sellers may allow collections on a Saturday, but please call before.

Contacting the seller once you have received your items

Once you have received your goods you can stay in contact with the seller by using the contact details on the message board, or phoning the seller directly should you have any further queries about your order.

Can I combine pallets to save on delivery costs?

Some sellers do allow you to combine their pallets to save on delivery costs. If you have won more than one auction, please contact the seller immediately after winning the auction, to see if they offer this service. You can only combine pallets if you bought them from the same seller.

Auction time

The auction time is controlled by server. The time is displayed on the left hand side at all times.
When bidding on Auctions you must always go by this time and not by your own clock.

When registering I cannot see the pin number image?

This is usually caused by your browsers cache. Delete your browsing history, close your browser and re-open and see if this resolves your issue.
Please also make sure you are using the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

How do I unsubscribe from the mailing list?

Your privacy is very important to us. We usually send a maximum of 3 promotions a week to your email address. If you would like unsubscribe at any time please follow the instructions below.

To unsubscribe from our mailing list, please login to your account and click the personal information link in your control panel under the My Account section.

Scroll down the page until you see the Mailout checkbox. Uncheck this box, and click the update button at the bottom of this page. You will no longer receive our promotions via email.

If you wish to subscribe again, check the Mailout box again so that a tick appears in the box, and then click the update button at the bottom of the page.

Why can't I see who is bidding?

With changes in the Data Protection Laws, most auction sites no longer give details of who you are bidding against.

This information can only be viewed by the site administrator who will be constantly checking for unusual activity.

Our sellers have no access to who is bidding until the auction ends and the winner is declared by the system.

I was the highest bidder, but bid under the reserve price and did not win the auction. What happens next?

If you where the highest bidder, but failed to win the auction because your bids where under the reserve price you will be notified by email.

Once the auction has finished, the seller then has the option to offer this item to you at your highest bid.

If you are successful and the seller accepts your highest bid, the item will appear in your won items, at which point you can contact the seller to make payment.
If you where unsuccessful the seller may choose to relist the item.